Be More Selfish Tips

Here are my blunt tips on becoming more selfish to gain confidence in any area of your life;

1) Say "NO" to the things that stress you out! - If it doesn't feel good, don't do it.

2) Think of yourself first before others! - What do YOU want out of life???

3) Only do things that are right for you! - Stop people pleasing and please yourself!

4) Stay away from negative people! - Dump people that belittle you or bring you down!

5) Stand your ground and speak up! - You have a voice so use it!

6) Voice your opinions and be heard! - Be mighty or be a mouse, the choice is yours!

7) Don't allow yourself to be a doormat! - They're for wiping your feet on only!

8) Take time out for you! - Chill out and do something that makes you feel good today!

9) Focus on your well-being! - This is the most important of all! It's YOUR life!

10) Always remember we have a CHOICE! - There's nothing wrong with saying NO!

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