The Law of Attraction

If you haven't heard of The Secret or know what the Law of Attraction is then get ready because that's what this page is dedicated to by sharing my own knowledge and experiences.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful force in the Universe that is always working and it's working whether you are conscious of it or not. This is an attraction based Universe and everything we experience comes to us by this powerful law. We attract situations, people, circumstances, and pretty much everything else to us through our thoughts and feelings. The Law of Attraction is unbiased and you get what you think and feel about, period. Whether it is something wanted or unwanted, whatever your focus is on, the Law of Attraction is responding to you in every second of every day.

Just like the law of gravity which you cannot see, taste, touch or smell, if you fall off a cliff, you will go down, the same applies to the Law of Attraction. It just works! Have you ever woken up late for work and then had to rush out of the door after trying to find your car keys, telling yourself that it's going to be "one of those days" and then noticed that the whole day is going the way you have told yourself it would? This is Law of Attraction in action and is completely responding to YOU.

Whatever feelings you are feeling in this moment right now is being attracted into your future, into your tomorrow! For example; Worry attracts more for you to worry about. Anxiety attracts more for you to feel anxious about. Unhappiness attracts more things to be unhappy about. Dissatisfaction attracts more to feel dissatisfied with. The same goes for when we are feeling joy or happiness, we will attract more of those things to feel joyful and happy about. This law is perfect because anyone can change their lives just by changing what's happening inside. The Law of Attraction doesn't judge and certainly isn't choosy with whom it works with, it's simply just responding to our thoughts and feelings and we get what we are thinking about whether we want something or not. When you are feeling bad, the universe is responding and trying to tell you that your focus is on something unwanted and is trying to get your attention so that you can change your focus. If something is happening that is unwanted, we have to learn how to see the positives to turn it around because everything we experience, good or bad, is causing us to grow and expand meaning ultimately everything is for our own good if we can learn to stand back and change the way we are feeling. An example of turning a negative into a positive might be; lets say your partner has upset you or done something you consider to be wrong, instead of focusing on their negative aspects, you might want to consider all of the good about that person, instead of letting one small negative ruin your whole mood.

You must have heard the saying that "There is more to life than what meets the eye"? This is true because we are never alone! We are always being guided by this amazing cosmic force. We just have to learn how to listen to our feelings for they are our feedback on whats becoming and being attracted to us.

No matter where you are in life now, it's OK! You are where you are and are always being guided to something extraordinary! Aristotle said "Happiness depends upon ourselves." and how right he was! You can start from where you are and deliberately choose better feeling thoughts for better experiences. You just have to choose it, decide and commit to feeling better.

Your life is a complete reflection of everything you hold inside. Meaning all of your beliefs, values, thoughts, opinions, and most importantly your feelings. All of these things are totally and always under your control but if you feel that the Law of Attraction is not working for you because of what you don't have then this is a belief in itself and so this law will still respond by not yielding what is wanted because of your focus on the absence of what is wanted. You reap what you sow at the end of the day.

Law of Attraction states that "Like Attracts Like" so a perfect example of this would be to look around at your friends and realize that they are "like minded" to you. Or look at someone else's social circle and see that they have attracted "like minded" people to them. Even if we have negative people in our lives can be a reflection of something happening within us which could be of a like minded state or aspect of our self that we may not have noticed, so its important to surround yourself with positive people and let the negative ones go. You cannot use this law on anybody else to try and change them because it is against their free will and thank god for that because otherwise other people could create things in our own lives that we did not want! We as individuals are the only ones who create everything by the way we think and feel because nobody else can think our thoughts or feel our feelings. Buddha said "The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care. And let it spring from love, born out of concern for all beings." I love this quote!

We are all free to choose whatever we want in this life and the power is in your hands now. So what are you choosing in this moment? A happy and successful life experience now or are you putting it off and blaming something outside of you? Which feels better?

If you want to learn more about this phenomenal law, I can highly recommend taking this course by Joe Vitale - Star of The Secret. It is a certification program and by doing this course you will receive a full, clear and concise understanding of The Law of Attraction and exactly how it all works! I took the course a few years ago and never looked back. You can do it at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. The books are incredible and downloadable for ease. It is what led me to becoming the life coach I am today and am so grateful for taking this step. See my certificates below.

I hope this helps you understand a little more about what The Law of Attraction is but if you personally want more understanding then I also have a coaching program dedicated to teaching the 7 Essential Universal laws including Law of Attraction. This is over an 8 week period and will be done via video calls with me personally. These laws have changed my life and I know they can change yours too.

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