Friday, 18 January 2019

Seven Steps To Feeling Good Enough Now

I would like to share with you 7 steps to feeling good enough now! These come from the book written by Barbara Rose entitled Being Enough Now and once applied in your own life can make for some extraordinary change!

1) Decide! - "This means deciding how you would like to feel about yourself and how you would like to view yourself. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Along with this is your decision as to the general direction you would like to live in this lifetime. You can stay stuck in one place or you can decide to move forward, only you can make the decision, nobody else can make it for you."

I love this first point because it's so important to make a decision and sticking to it. Do you want to be happy or do you want to be sad? Do you want to grow and expand or do you just want to stay in your comfort zone? Do you see someone who is worthy of having everything they desire or do you see failure? How do you want your life to go? With ease or hardship? Really think about these things and make a decision to be the best version of yourself from this day forward.

2) Commit! - "This means that you fully commit to your process. You are committed to bringing the best out in you!"

This is YOUR journey and yours alone so can you commit to yourself to having the best ride of your life?! Commit to investing in yourself and your health. Do whatever it takes to just make a commitment in your mind and stick to it. Things will get better for you once you make a commitment to your own growth and personal development. Read self-help books, ask questions about life - You will receive the answers and will be able to expand and grow in all areas.

3) Be Willing! - "This means to be willing to do whatever it takes with pure motives as you resolve to feel on an ongoing basis that your worth must be so much stronger than the complacent attitude that tempts you to just settle and feel less than worthy."

What can you be willing to do today that will help you move forward with confidence? Perhaps you can be willing to give coaching a go or perhaps you can be willing to just pick up that self-help book and start diving into it? Perhaps you can be willing to sit for 5 minutes every day and meditate. Just do whatever it takes and know that you are worthy of so much and more!

4) Let Go! - "What do you need to let go of? It is a time to let go of all the old conditioning that has caused you to view yourself as less than equal to the rest of the human race. Let go of concerns about the future. When moments of decision are facing you, remember to make your choices based on what you prefer and not based on someone else's plan for your life."

This is crucial for building self-confidence. Forgive yourself over and over and learn to just let go and allow the stream of well-being to take you! You always have a choice so you can either hold onto all of the negatives in your life or you can let them go. Let go of nasty people, let go of nasty limiting beliefs you may hold, let go of judgments made by you or others, let go of any stress and see it floating away. We are all one on this planet and are all equal, we also have our own preferences so let go of the things that weigh you down!

5) Follow! - "From this moment on for as long as you live, follow your deepest truth, follow through in actions that match your preferences. I cannot stress enough how crucial this is for you, for me and for everyone else on earth."

This is making a decision to being honest with who you truly are. You are a loving being and are so deserving of so much and more. When we are acting accordingly with our desires then our desires can make there way to us when we are allowing them to. 

6) Wait! - "Show a greater amount of unconditional loving patience with yourself. You are in the process of transformation on one or several levels. Some areas take time to fully transform and some are transformed within seconds. Trust that as you go through life, the timing of events, meetings, opportunities and even announcing of sharing your plans can be more effective when done at one particular time as opposed to another. Go with the flow and remember, it is the process of your life and self expression that you are to be excited about instead of merely keeping busy with chasing after outcomes. Relax with patience as you enjoy this continually unfolding process."

This is a really great point made! Trust in your journey and have faith that all is well and all will be well! 

7) Experience! - "You will discover that as you follow all of these steps, you will actually experience everything you decided to see manifest in your life. It is important to remember that what you create, imagine and follow through with is what is actually going to turn around the conditions of your life."

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