Monday, 7 January 2019

Do You Compare Yourself To Others?

Do you always compare yourself to others? Do you own your own worth in this world or give away your power to negative thinking and others by comparing?

Each and everyone of us on this planet are UNIQUE and DIFFERENT. If we were all the same, life would be pretty boring, wouldn't you agree? We have diversity but are still all connected as ONE. What I mean by this is, we all have a place here and are here on purpose or else you wouldn't be here. You might just not have found out your purpose for being here so I want to address this issue of comparing because I know comparing ourselves to others is not healthy and is definitely not having a healthy love and respect for yourself and who you are as an individual. This can be detrimental to our own self-esteem and self-confidence building or lack of.

I used to compare myself greatly to others and it led to a miserable life! I used to think things like;

"They are better than me!"
"They are more wealthy than me!"
"They are much fitter than me!"
"They are better looking than me!"
"Why cant I be that happy!"
"I wish I could be more like them!"
"Why am I so different to them?"
"They are more confident than me!"
"Why am I not normal?"

All of these things going around and around in my mind, and what would happen? It filled my body with negative feelings about myself. I would wake up every day feeling the same thing. Nothing was changing accept for more personal pain and negative experiences.

And the thing about negativity is it breeds more negativity and the same goes for positivity, breeding more positivity. So can you see why it's crucially important to start feeling good about yourself and forgetting what everyone else around you is like or doing?

This is where you are going to change your mind about a few things and stop comparing.

Firstly, list out all the positive things you have and know to say about yourself. Even small things such as;

"I can have a kind heart!"
"I can be a friendly person!"
"I can be healthy!"
"I can be happy!"
"I can be a good person!"
"I can be a loyal person!"
"I can be a good listener!"
"I can be loving!"
"I can be trustworthy!"
"I am who I am and its OK!"

It can be absolutely anything, as long as its positive and FEELS GOOD TO YOU!

When you have finished your list of at least 10 things! Yep, I said it 10 things! Read them back to yourself and connect with the positive feelings they bring about in your body. If you want to write more then excellent, keep writing them down!

Doing this exercise will help you to start thinking of yourself in a more positive light. Remember: POSITIVITY BREEDS MORE POSITIVITY! And guaranteeing a more positive outlook. What we think and feel always comes back to us which is why we have to be mindful of the things we tell ourselves on a daily basis.

The thing is, you already are everything you wish to be, you just have to flip the mental switch and allow yourself to be and possess those qualities you are seeking from others.

You are AMAZING!
You are UNIQUE!

You are YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND or YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY and we all have the CHOICE to choose how we feel about ourselves because our opinions are all that matter as they are in our heads and nobody else's. We can get in control of them by repeating daily our positive qualities without seeking approval from anyone else. That's where our power is and that's how we can claim that power back!

What are the new stories you will tell yourself from now on? I would love to know in the comments section below! List out 5 things that you know to be true of who you are.

Have fun with owning who you are and who you are becoming in this world because looking after yourself is the most important part of your own personal growth and development. Unfortunately we are taught in school to compete and compare but deep down there is no competition, only collaboration so embrace yourself and start living more on purpose and be the best you yet!

I look forward to hearing all your wonderful qualities and lets celebrate them together!

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Do You Compare Yourself To Others?

Do you always compare yourself to others? Do you own your own worth in this world or give away your power to negative thinking and othe...